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Whether you’re about to go from idea to launch or you’re now ready to scale, the Africa’s Next 7 program will give your business a tailored brand framework that will set up its foundation. For Life.

About Africa’s Next 7

Growing and scaling a startup in a crowded market-place is one of the hardest parts of the building journey. The more insight you have about what your true competitive advantage is, the better positioned you will be to attract and retain your target audience.

If you're an entrepreneur looking for a tailored playbook on how to stand out from your competitors to help you scale faster, we invite you to join and benefit from this FREE program.

At DBD Africa, we are on a mission to provide startups equal access to QUALITY branding information and the AFRICA’S NEXT 7 program is an initiative that supports our commitment.

AFRICA’S NEXT 7 aims to help 7 founders & teams gain insight to tested and trusted branding strategies leveraged by successfully established organisations on a yearly basis.

This program will give your startup:

i. CLARITY: Great communication begins with clarity - the strategy session in this program is guaranteed to help your team achieve this.

ii. SPEED: With clarity of purpose and vision, comes speed. After the strategy session, your team will help the team move faster all round and can help leaders make better growth-focused decisions.

iii. ALIGNMENT: Want to have all departments of the business aligned? This program is the perfect solution.

The application for this program will be on for 3 weeks and will close on the 9th of December, 2022.

What Your Startup Will Gain From This Program

  • Lay The Foundation with a Seasoned Branding Expert
    You and your team will get access to a session with a dynamic team of brand builders led by seasoned brand strategist – Onyeka Nwobu with projects from household names such as GTBank, Nampak Bevcan & First Bank of Nigeria under her belt.
  • Ready-To-Use Brand Framework
    Save your team from the arduous task of always having to start from scratch with a tailored framework that will set up the foundation for your brand building efforts – for life.
  • Game-Changing Team Alignment
    Never have to worry about getting ALL departments on the same page, ever again. Get your team the clarity and alignment they need to move with speed and efficiency.

See What Startup Founders We Have Worked With Have To Say

How This Program Will Work

  • Assess and Audit
    This program will kick off with a 30-minute audit session in which we will audit your startup’s existing brand before our deep dive.
  • Discover
    Next, we will dig deep and build out a framework that the brand can leverage for future branding efforts through a 3-hour Strategy session.
  • Outline
    The tailored strategy session will be followed up by a simple framework document that can be leveraged to supercharge brand strategy & marketing efforts.
  • Feedback
    At DBD Africa, we place very high value on feedback as that helps us know how effective our frameworks are and how best to improve them. This is why we’d love to create a video review of the session by a representative in team leadership.

Is Africa’s Next 7 Program Right For Me?

  • You and your team have an impact-led story and you are building beyond profit to make real change.
  • Your startup’s solution is solving a problem for Africa.
  • Your startup’s solution is powered by technology.
  • You are ready to make the time to examine all things strategy, business development, brand-building and creative.
  • You’re ready to invest the time to create or align a team that works like a well-oiled machine.
  • You and your team really NEED strategic guidance to scale.
  • You are building solely for profit.
  • Your startup’s solution is not targeted at solving a problem for Africa.
  • Your startup’s solution is NOT powered by technology.
  • You are too busy to invest your time in things like strategy, business development, brand-building and creative.
  • You do not value expert advice from someone who’s been there.
  • You believe your startup is already on the right track as far as brand-building is concerned.

NOTE: This program is NOT solely created for female-led startups only however, startups with women in their leadership teams will be given preference.


This program is scheduled to run from 16th – 27th of January 2023. Each startup will have the opportunity to select their preferred date for their tailored strategy session.

No. Each session hosted by DBD Africa will be facilitated at no charge.

After this session, a brand framework will be hared with you and your team. This can be leveraged for subsequent brand building & marketing efforts.

No. This program is open to all startups solving a problem for Africa.

While we do encourage physical strategy sessions, Africa’s Next 7 strategy sessions will also be held virtually.

Each startup will have the opportunity to select a preferred date and specific timeframe in which DBD Africa will facilitate an audit and then an in-depth strategy session.

After this, you and your team will receive a tailored brand framework within 7 days of your session.

Yes. DBD Africa is open to client partnerships. Kindly note that you will be charged a consultancy fee (dependent on the scope of work) for this.

This program is ideal for startups that are about to go from idea to launch or have been in existence for 1 – 3 years.

However, startups with more advanced business life spans who are looking to increase their brand equity or rebrand completely are also welcome to join the program.