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Can Do! Nigeria

Can Do! Is The Consumer Facing Brand For Africa's Largest Manufacturers Of Aluminium Cans - Nampak Bevcan.

Can Do!'s goal is to get more people to choose cans because it is a healthier option for the environment.

Strategic Brief

As a part of the brand’s ongoing campaign, we were tasked to conceptualise & implement a virtual end of the year experience.
The goal: reinforce the brand’s running message of reinvention & close out strong for the year 2020.



DBD Africa created an opportunity for the Can Do! community members to celebrate themselves + ring in the new year from the covid-free comfort of their homes. Working alongside key micro-influencers, we produced an end of the year special which offered words of hope and encouragement for the new year.



Over 1 million accounts reached across Instagram, Twitter & Facebook. 9,000+ facebook page likes, 200+ new Twitter followers & 150+ new followers on Instagram and 20,000+ engagements on campaign posts.