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Building a Sustainable Future For Africans Through Fashion.


How do you launch and grow a first-of-its-kind sustainable fashion brand?  You begin with education to trigger behavioural change. Frugirls is at the forefront of revolutionising  fashion consumption habits by providing an alternative through like-new clothing for African women.

What started out as a hobby for its founders grew into a movement across the Nigerian fashion space when they partnered with us. DBD Africa worked closely with the Frugirls team to create and develop the brand.



Within the span of 2 years, Frugirls:

i. Built a community of 2500+ women

ii. Successfully launched 2 virtual events focused on financial literacy with 2000+ attendees.

iii. Launched Africa’s 1st Digitally-enabled Swap shop experience in partnership with Lagos Fashion Week & Global Fashion Exchange

iv. Executed partnerships with Can Do! Nigeria and Smart Money Woman.

"We built the business from scratch solely off of the brand and chose to focus on personal stories and community. This now makes it 10x easier to develop high value products because everyone involved knows that they are a part of something bigger than themselves. The strategy is REAL."

Ifeoma Billion Nwobu