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Sendstack Africa

Brand Strategy

Making Logistics for African Businesses Efficient & Affordable Through Next-Day Delivery.




How do you position a new-to-market logistics challenger company?

You start by telling the brand story and reason for being. Sendstack is Africa’s pioneering logistics platform making deliveries for African businesses more efficient & affordable.They had an idea of where they were headed but weren’t sure how to start or get there – until they met us. DBD Africa worked closely with the Sendstack team to build and publicly launch their brand.



Full Business Suite, Brand Collaterals & Digital Development.



In just 90 days post launch, the business has been able to acquire 2000+ SMEs, with 12x in daily revenue and now ranks in search competition with logitech giants including GIG Logistics, Gokada.

"DBD AFRICA helped us hone our customer needs, competition, and how to bring our brand to life. Before DBD AFRICA, we had an idea of the result, after working closely with the team, we started understanding how to get to our destination. "

Emeka Mba-Kalu