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The most common question asked by business owners to us is “CAN BRANDING REALLY GROW MY BUSINESS AND TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL?

In 2022, we launched DBD AFRICA with the goal of helping businesses build market-moving brands. 

While we partnered with amazing clients, we also began to unravel what this meant not just for them, but also for us – we take brands from IDEA to LAUNCH and BEYOND.

Over the past month, we have taken the time to not only carefully study the brands we build but also the clients we partner with, and here are some of the traits we have been able to uncover.


  • They BELIEVE and UNDERSTAND THE POWER OF BRANDING: You can’t grow a business without a solid brand. Our clients understand this and are willing and ready to build profitable and scalable businesses through branding.


  • They are PURPOSE-DRIVEN: Your purpose is that thing which you were created for, or in this case, it is that thing which your business was created for. We understand that not everyone acknowledges the value of purpose so we only partner with clients that share the same mindset as we do.


  • They are keen to FORGE AUTHENTIC CONNECTIONS: Branding is not a one size fits all, especially when it comes to building your community. You need to establish trust with your target audience and it takes time and dedication. We are the perfect fit for founders that completely understand this and are willing to patiently wait while we take time to look deeply, analyse carefully, and suggest the best approach for their brand.


  • They agree that GROWTH REQUIRES GUIDANCE: As people would fondly say, it takes two to tango. While we acknowledge that clients have an in-depth understanding of their business, we do not work based on client dictation, however, we are open to ideas and suggestions. 


We work with start-up founders that respect our expertise and are willing to listen. We understand that not all business owners need guidance to grow, hence they are not 100% keen on partnering with us. If this is you, then we are not the right agency for you.


  • They are READY TO COMMIT & STAY COMMITTED: Branding is aLONG GAME. We believe in building sustainably and building brands that stand the test of time. We see the bigger picture and our clients share the same vision, hence they are ready to invest financially and stay committed to the process.


  • WE DO NOT PITCH: There is great value in what we do, and humans naturally gravitate to value when they recognise it, hence we do not pitch. Our ideal clients see the work we have done, understand the impact, yearn for it, and reach out to us for guidance.


  • They VALUE OUR EXPERTISE: Great branding is not done outside of leadership and partnership requires mutual respect. The founders we partner with understand the need for balance and control and are willing to listen.


Our in-depth client study also revealed that we are not the ideal partner for everyone which led us to discover that we are not for clients who are:


  • YET TO FIGURE OUT YOUR WHY: As earlier shared, the purpose of your business is “The reason it was created”. If you are yet to figure this out, then, unfortunately, we are not the right fit for you.


  • Happy with the current stage of your business and HAVE NO PLANS TO SCALE: At DBD AFRICA, we are result-driven and growth-oriented. There is no comfort zone and when we are not aligned on this factor, there will not be a productive outcome. 


  • Scared to try DYNAMIC & DISRUPTIVE IDEAS : Why limit your growth to a box when they are countless opportunities outside the box? At DBD Africa, we colour outside the lines and create our standards. So if you prefer to ‘play it safe’ then our work won’t be worth it to you.


  • SOLELY PROFIT-DRIVEN: Every business owner wants to make profit, but should profit be the only driving force in your business? While profit-making is very important to us, we are also 100 percent impact driven. We believe in making an impact as a brand, and our clients agree with us.


  • NOT READY to work with a TEAM OF EXPERTS at this time: As established earlier, working with a team of experts requires commitment and we do not partner with clients who are unable to commit 100%.


We are ready to build brands that stand out and move markets, so if you are eager to embark on this journey with us, then tap HERE to get in conversation with our founder today.